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Vegetable discsussion specific to Pepper and Chilli. do they all start of green and the turn yellow or red. Anyone help? MP
General discsussion. Winter is finally over. The greenhouse has been repaired, potting shed got new staging. The only thing left to do is start sowing, which I started on Sunday 23rd March. Carrot and parsnips in buckets, Toms (Hildaire and Harzfeur [ from LIDL]), cabbage (Hispi), Sprouts, Cauli all year round and beetroot Boltardy. Spuds are chitting. Next weekend it's Broccoli, swede, and anything else I've forgot. Plus since I now have a generator and electric rotovator I'll be turning at least two beds over in readiness. I think it's a bit too early for the salad stuff yet. Does anyone agree/disagree??
General discsussion. Spring has finally arrived
General discsussion. Best approach to take with a new garden.
Vegetable discsussion specific to Cucumber. I have more cucumbers than I know what to do with! Anyone know any cucumber recipes that don't involve slicing and eating raw or pickling? Ideally something that I could cook and then freeze.
Vegetable discsussion specific to Pumpkin. Every year I try growing pumpkins with the dream of growing the largest or heaviest but each year my attempts are thwarted in some way. This year I have managed to grow plants in pots but the main stalk has snapped! It's still connected to the plant and there is some growth still occurring - is there anything I can do? It would be nice to save them... somehow!!!!!
General discsussion. Slugs and snails are eating my veg that is in my mini greenhouses, What can I do? Is there a natural pest killer/deterent that I can use or make that wont harm my veg but will keep the pests away. Thanks
General discsussion. Have been developing my own compost for the first time this year! So it's been shop bought for the majority of planting this year. Had som disappointment with the home base own brand, and the one I love is just too expensive..... Any suggestions?
General discsussion. Has anyone tried growing okra in the UK has anyone had any success .
General discsussion. I am thinking of building a square, stacking wooden compost bin. I know that you shouldn't use treated wood as it contains all sorts of nasty chemicals but how do you stop the wood from rotting? I don't really want to spend a fortune on really high quality hard wood. Is there something you can do or do I just have to accept that eventually it will rot and I'll need to make a new one? Would be great full for any ideas.
General discsussion. The Spanish Slug - Arion vulgaris was first identified in East Anglia in 2012. The monster slugs can grow up to five inches long and has been nicknamed the "killer slug" for its cannibalistic tendencies and aggressive nature. It's feared that millions of slugs are set to emerge this spring, leading to the UK seeing a population explosion when their buried eggs hatch. Have you spotted the Arion vulgaris in your garden?
Vegetable discsussion specific to Onion. About to plant some tiny onion bulbs and my neighbour reckons they should be covered with just the tip poking out but I see other plots where they have been placed in an indent and aren't covered at all. What to do!!!!????
General discsussion. I'm trying to grow Tumbling Toms, and have just recently potted them. I have them inside at the moment, but I want to be able to have them outside especially when the weather is very sunny. They'll need proteted from the wind because whilst I live in a Sunny area of Scotland, there's a cold wind on occasion. I thought of getting polythene sheeting and making covers for my two pots. We have a wall which gets full sunshine for most of the day and being able to hang the pots outside would save space inside. Is there any other option, that wouldn't cost more than £10? Where there's a will there's a way etc...
Vegetable discsussion specific to Tomato. put on my window sill to start then put in greenhouse in grow bags thats when i saw the white spots. i would like to know if this is bad.
General discsussion. Suggestions please our plot is waterlogged in part and very muddy in the other Any suggestions what to lay in bottoms of trenches to protect potatoes from soaking soil
General discsussion. hello, i want to start growing some veg, (pots, peas/ beans, onions, toms and carrots) but have a limited amount of space, two dogs and nextdoors cats to contend with. what containers could i plant veg in? as i'm not sure how deep plants will grow or how much room the roots need. any advice would be great.
General discsussion. Hi everybody, I have a greenhouse which has plastic glazing instead of glass. The plastic is in a bit of mess and needs replacing. I have found various sites via google which supply polythene sheeting but I am confused about the thickness's mentioned (microns) I haven't got a clue what a micron is. Anybody know the thickness I need??
Vegetable discsussion specific to Onion. What is the best way to store onion sets and for how long can they be stored before planting out?
Vegetable discsussion specific to Onion. Storage of onion sets
General discsussion. Had lost of fun in the sun, Got lots of jobs done in the garden.

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