General discsussion. Hi guys an girls im new here,i have grown veg before and grew a little to much of onions,leeks,corgettes,cabbages and chilli plants.However i tried to grow peppers but they seemed to die or go a mixed colour of green and dark green and shrivel up.My question is do you think i have over fed them or under fed them as i used to wait till they was dry?or should i just water them when they need it rather than feed them?thanks much appreciate the help.

new grower

General discsussion. hello to all the members on here just looking for some advice on what to do, me and my daughter want to start growing our own veg we have 2 beds 1 meter by 3 meters and lots of pots and trays, we have gone for peas, onions, potatoes, carrots, salad leaves and herbs is this crazy or is it ok, also can I just use the seeds from morrisons for example or should I get them from a garden centre ? any advice would a great help many thanks.

Allotments. what do you do when there are none in your parish

General discsussion. Tring to get myself an allotment. found out there are none in my parish and other near by sites will not put me on there list as I don't live in there area. Short of moving house any ideas

can i plant out lettuce now

Vegetable discsussion specific to Lettuce. i planted lettuce from seed a while back and have potted on , when can i plant out at what size should they planted out? and are they robust enough to deal with the current weather ? they are currently in my conservatory at the moment

Easter Sunday Potato Planting

Vegetable discsussion specific to Potato. hi all, in line with tradition, i like to plant my potatoes at easter but think it is probably too cold and wet this year. any views on whether it would be better to wait? might do some this weekend and then some in a couple of weeks and see if there is any difference...

Creeping grass?

General discsussion. I've just taken over an allotment for the first time. It seems fine apart from an invasion by a creeping grass. The rhyzomes are mainly at the bottom of the slope but are spreading upwards. I've pulled out as much as I can so far (I know it only takes a tiny bit for it to come back) but I would like to get rid without using chemicals as I'm planning on giving the veg and fruit to my 1 year old son. I was told by my dear old grandad that mustard is good as both a green manure and as a smothering for weeds. Has anyone tried it and had any success? thanks


Vegetable discsussion specific to Cabbage. I have some January king seedlings which are about 3 inches high would it be okay to plant them now or should I wait .

First time grower

General discsussion. Hello to all the members on here! I am a first time grower and have started my own vegetable patch in my back garden i was just wondering if you guys/girls have any tips for the crops i have chosen to plant. I currently have Garlic, Onions, Sweetcorn, pumpkins, sweet peppers and chili peppers. i just went to my local family run garden center and asked for a selection of easy seeds and thats what they gave me, following there instructions i have planted them in propagators and they are nearly sprouting. Im just wondering how i should prepare my patch can i use weed control lining with compost or peat on top or is that a big no no? any helpful advice would be amazing! many thanks for taking the time to read!

Growing veg in containers!

General discsussion. I am interested in growing veg in pots or containers. Have never tried to grow veg before! Any hints or tips would be appreciated.

Growing in Wall Pockets

General discsussion. I have wall pockets up one of my fences. I am wondering what vegetables might suitable to grow in them. The pockets are about 8 inches deep and 5 inches wide. We water them regularly in the summer, but nonetheless it might be best to pick something that can stand a little dryness?

Seed Quality

General discsussion. Does it make a big difference where you buy your seeds? My local Sainsbury's is well stocked and convenient, but I'm wondering whether it's worth the trip to the Garden Centre.


Vegetable discsussion specific to Beans, runner. Can you plant them in the same place every year


General discsussion. Has anyone tried it, thinking of buying some for my new allotment

What is everyone growing this year?

General discsussion. I am going to try and grow a little of a lot this year. Don't have much space but going to try and make the most of it. In the green house: Tomatoes a big variety like Cuban Black, a medium variety money maker perhaps, chillis and burpless tasty green cucumbers. Outside: Usual assortment of lettuce, french breakfast radishes, some purple carrots, a few parsnips, sunstripe courgettes, celeriac, boltardy beetroot, climbing french beans and red and white onions. And maybe any ideas i get from this forum!?

soil lmprover

General discsussion. Anyone Tried carbon gold

Following on VegDork

General discsussion. What is following someone on Vegdork all about and why follow? This discussion is about the social networking aspect of the site, the bit that hopefully sets this site apart from others dedicated to growing your own veg!

This site

General discsussion. Do people still use this website? I am only asking because cannot find any recent discussions.

poor soil fertility

General discsussion. poor soil

First Timer

General discsussion. Okay this is my fist time grow my own, i have a 30f x30ft garden and 2 small gardens + patio, my aim is to feed my family and eat well, also create a hobby that we can all enjoy.

growing with kids

General discsussion. whats good to get the kids involved with growing...want to grow as much as possible. so any ideas and tips are very welcome