which vegetables to plant

General discsussion. novice, how do I get started

potato foliage problem

Vegetable discsussion specific to Potato. The foliage on my potato plants have been got at. I don't think it's blight more like the trouble you get with cabbage root fly i.e full of holes. it has been very wet round the Manchester area (like most of the country) anybody got any ideas??

Horse/Mares tail

General discsussion. does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this weed? i'm having sleepless nights over this weed, i've even tried the chemical that farmers use call kibossh, its very expensive and its still come back to haunt. Any advice would be welcomed.

What to do with courgettes

General discsussion. Our courgettes are starting to grow and i'm not entirely sure what to do with them. Does anyone have any good recipes which include them.

Growing tomatoes

General discsussion. General discussion about all things to do with growing your own tomatoes.

I know nothing!!!

General discsussion. I can barely grow grass so where do I start learning how to grow veg?


General discsussion. Stopped digging out weeds, stones etc. for the time being. It's too hot for that plus my back says I should stop. But have put in some cabbage and beet plants donated by a fellow allotmenteer (what a nice man) I have put in some Kelvedon Wonder peas and having a go at carrots (Early Nantes) Off to Ibiza on Monday evening for a bit of a rest and re-charge. Back on Tues 5 June. No doubt to tackle new weeds.


General discsussion. Hello Budgie and Carl. How did you put your photos on your comments?

Coldest May For 100 years in UK

General discsussion. Is anyone considering changing their schedule as a result of reports that this May could be mighty cold? And is there anything that can or should be done to help any veg that has already been sown through it?

Is it too late to sow parsnips?

General discsussion. Is mid-April too late to sow parsnip seeds? Should they be done in February or will they grow now?

Space requirements for carrots

Vegetable discsussion specific to Carrot. Does anyone know if it's possible to grow carrots in a container, such as a pot or trough, or do they need more soil depth? The seeds we got in my daughters smoothie package reckon you can grow them in a drink carton but I am somewhat skeptical!

Hottest chilli variety

Vegetable discsussion specific to Pepper and Chilli. What is the hottest chilli variety you can grow? Note I will be growing this on my kitchen window sill.

My cabbages have been eaten!

Vegetable discsussion specific to Cabbage. What can I do to keep my cabbages free of pests?

Grow in baskets?

Discussion specific to the Tumbling Tom variety of Tomato. Can you grow this variety of baby tomato in hanging baskets? Would there be enough root space in a standard size basket?
Vegetable discsussion specific to Beetroot. How long do you cook beetroot for and should you peel them first?
Vegetable discsussion specific to Carrot. How do you keep carrot fly away without using any nasty chemicals
Vegetable discsussion specific to Tomato. Would like to discuss the possibilities of planting tomato seeds as early as December or January in the UK
General discsussion. General discussion about the three bed rotation system for growing roots, brassicas and others