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Thanks Jacky, decided to get some pickling jars and slice and pickle them with some dill - love gherkins but far too big for that now!
Dear Budgie,
just looked quickly on the site and saw my comment assumes two things- first you have a blender and second, you like hunting for recipes online. So to clarify, both the ideas I mention, Gazpacho and cues with cream and chives involve simply chopping cues into chunks and then blending. Because the first has toms and bread roughly chopped, plus garlic etc and second cream, they both freeze really well. Obviously you can improvise your own versions- I like a lot of Basil or whatever herb is around. If you don't have a blender, a very good alternative we used for years is a kitchen wand- it is an electric chopper on a stick and does a great job of blending, just slower. Ours cost about £20.
Have fun!
You could try soups of the Gazpacho type or follow Jane Grigson 'Vegetables' by adding cream and chives etc Yum