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i was wondering the same thing I have just started really and not sure what to do !!!
I guess the fridge meets the criteria - it's cool, dry and away from sunlight. Should be free of mice too!
i have heard of seeds being kept in the fridge, but usually for flower rather than veggie seeds but i'd imagine it will keep them dormant for slightly longer.

you can get some great online deals and it is rather exciting when the box arrives! i need to do this soon as mice in the shed this winter have enjoyed most of my seed store!
I keep my seeds in a sealed container in the fridge! Am I alone in doing that?
No I'm pretty certain you can't freeze them. If you keep them is a cool dry place away from any sunlight and damp they will last longer.

Some seeds will last longer than others. Tomato seeds seem to last quite a long time.
Is there anyway of making seeds last longer, I never use anywhere near as many as you get in a packet and it seems such a waste to throw them away. I assume that you can't freeze them!?
Thanks Budgie. Will bear this in mind.
Most important thing to look out for is the packing date, fresh seeds are more likely to germinate. Its more important for some veg than others e.g. parsnip seeds do not keep well at all. I don't think it really matters where you get your seeds from, some supermarket packets are just re-branded seeds from the larger suppliers.
To be specific, this is for the small planting areas I have in my garden, rather than trying to fill an allotment, so expense is not such a factor.