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I use the centre cardboard of toilet rolls as a container to start them off. Plant them as soon as the seed as germinated or before the tap root comes out the other end, the cardboard will soon rot.
Containers are usually filled with sand with earth on the top few inches.
I have just harvested some Chantenay carrots and they are all twisted - WHY??. the early nantes are fine and were in the same raised bed!
Sown some early nantes in a well holed bucket of "ordinary" compost early may. got loads of foliage so it's looking good so far. Keeping my fingers ( and toes) crossed. Thanks again Woody and Budgie
I have sown a second crop of carrots in the tubs that I have just harvested my new potatoes from. I sowed Early Nantes and last year I had a pretty good crop of baby carrots in September so fingers crossed.
Granny Dee
I used to try growing carrotts in the ground but never had any success whatsoevery. I never thought of trying containers. Thanks to Woody and Budgie's comments I will give it a go
You can grow them in the black flower buckets supermarkets use.
cheers - i think they're going to end up going in a couple of pots as all our wine boxes have these weird silver bags in them!
I agree with Budgie. We use wooden wine boxes to grow our carrots in and have found that them to be excellent - primarily due to the lack of stones. You can also move the box around to get the best sunlight! Make sure you add holes in the bottom for drainage and sow thinly.
Carrots are fine in containers as long as they are deep enough for the variety you want to grow. Chantenay carrots are a good short variety which will grow in shallower containers.

Carrots may actually benefit from being containers rather than the ground, carrot fly travels just above ground level so may not be able to reach your carrots.

Note also that carrots don't like to be transplanted so sow directly into their final position.

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