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We just registered too!
Only just registered
I still use this site and I think it is brilliant.
Sorry Pauline, you have to click on 'My Patch' on the main menu above and then just below where its says posts, followers etc there should be a green button with the caption 'Edit your details'.

(not click your name. I will endeavor to fix
There isn't anything that says edit buttons underneath my profile?
To add photos to your patch updates got to 'My Patch'

Click on the link for 'create update' and then 'add photo'

Give your update a title and add some detail for your update then choose your picture file

Finally click post update.
Pauline, to change your profile picture go to 'My Patch' on the main menu or click any link to your name.

Then click the button 'Edit your buttons' at the bottom of your profile box on the left.

Pick your picture and click upload
Hi Budgie, I don't use twitter myself although I did register I didn't much care for it so I stick to Facebook lol How do I change my profile picture or add pictures?
Pauline, thanks for your comments, the vegdork community here is growing all the time, we now have more than 150 registered users and more than 650 followers on twitter. Hopefully 2013 will be a good year for the site. Also looking forward to getting some seeds planted and hearing what everyone else is up to on their patch and hopefully seeing some photos!
Hi Kathleen nice to meet you :)
I', new i will use site when i have time
Hi Budgie, I am no good at website ideas lol but one thing that I think would be good is to add dates to peoples posts so that it can be easily seen what is being discussed at any given time, a lot of what I have seen has been nearly a year ago or even longer. That was the reason I asked if anyone was using this site when I first joined. Maybe have a look at other gardening websites with forums that might give you some ideas of what to add:) I am a member of a few and they all seem to be quite busy with their discussions. I know its early in the year yet but with what I have learned from them I can't wait to get started on growing stuff :) I am somewhat of a novice and just learning :) The word needs to get out that we are here to attract more people to join :) Maybe Facebook could help with that lol You have done a great job with what you already have here but it could do with more people to get it further :)
Yep I'm in the UK (in Hertfordshire) as are most of the vegdork users that are currently registered, however this is a new site that was designed to bring veg growers from around the world together, share knowledge and experience in a social way that hasn't been done before. The aim is to build a site tailored to the needs and wants of genuine enthusiasts in a fun and informative way, driven and owned by the users themselves. This is a labor of love (not a commercial venture!) and would really appreciate your feedback on ways to improve the site.
Thanks Budgie, where approximately are you in the UK?
I am up North in Accrington, Lancashire
They certainly do, been a bit quiet with regards to new discussions over winter, but we've had a flurry of new registered users in the past weeks as people start to think about what they will be growing in the coming season.