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I haven't thought that far ahead oh dear, although I do have a couple of months to sort it out. I have just watched a clip on you tube to make homemade cloches with the weather were having I think we will all need help
Dear Stu76,
sounds like you know what you are doing pretty much already! Extra pots is great until you go away- I always am having to get folk to come and water.
A large water butt only lasts about a week if it is hot, so I may have to pray for rain!
all the best
we have done for the past few years but this year we have given over the whole garden for veg and fruit . I will probably end up getting some more pots though sunflowers are fun !!!
Hi there stu76,
just a thought- when it is nice tomorrow, maybe your daughter can sow a few sunflowers against that nice fence you have? It is such fun to see how tall they can get!
i just hope to be able to see something at the end of all of our hard work, will definitely have more knowledge. but I agree with your page diary the weather is awful !!!!!
That's a nice combo... Courgettes are easy, but hungry, but rewarding too! The more you pick the more they grow....
wow jacky thank you that is lots of information and it makes sense which is good, I have been reading up on some things and it is hard to make sense of it, how do you get involved in seed exchanges sounds very interesting, and would it be a good idea to make my growing area into a mini green house with plastic and some wire until the temperature rises ?
Dear Stu76,
sounds good to me- all you mention are nice tough ones. No-one ever told me- nothing actually germinates in soil outside until soil temperature reaches 6 degrees. That's the reason the weather is holding us up- each time soil warms during the day, it is plunging back down at night. You can cover the soil and warm it with fleece or cardboard or net curtains etc but I still haven't sown anything outside- it is a waste of time.
Of course the weeds are happily growing away regardless!
Doesn't matter where you get seed from- I belong to a few seed exchanges and this is a great way to try a little cheaply of something new.
Also, don't sow it all. If you keep some in the fridge it lasts ages. I'm still working on a six year old packet of Gardeners Delight! However few things much better fresh seed- parsnips especially.
All the best
once again thank you mate I think the first year is going to be a lot of trial and error but me and my daughter will have a lot of fun along the way, will be back in touch very soon no doubt and will put some pictures on at the weekend. the biggest problem is the weather has put everything back a bit ?? or doesn't it work like that ?
Hi mate,I planted loads of seeds thinking they wouldnt grow,oh how wrong i was i ended up with loads of everything.Spuds are the easiest to grow mate we had a basket that we kept our t.v mags in it was about 18"across x12" by 24 inch deep we put 2-3 inch of compost in bottom placed a couple of shop bought baby spuds in and when they had grown a few inches we put more compost in till full then let them carry on growin till they flowered then pulled them up and we had a good couple of pounds of spuds mate real easy.If theres anything i can help you with just let me know if i can help i will.No i dont think you have gone to daft as it seems you have plenty of room to grow them if you dont plant to many lol.
thank you vegboy it does help, just feels like a needle in a haystack at the moment so any info is really usefull
Hi there,when i did my first growing i did a little to much of everything.So all i can suggest is dont plant to many seeds at once as you will be surprised and it shouldnt really matter where you buy your seeds from as i have bought some from B&MS and the pound shop.Hope this helps a bit.