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Thanks to Jacky 57 and SallG. Just the sort of info I was after
Dear Walrus,
we have never ever managed not to eat everything grown- in our very best year when we harvested 42 onions and assorted shallots/spring onions etc we still had to buy loads of onions. So storage has never been tested. What SallGays is good though- that is what I do with my garlic. Cool, dry, dark seems to work.
My grandad who had a field full used to lay them out on racks in his attic. Our job as kids was to check them, while avoiding the earwigs-eek!
Hi Walrus, you should store onion sets somewhere cool, dark and most importantly dry. They should have a bit of air circulating round them so a basket or mesh is good.

You will have to keep and eye on them from time to time and remove any that show signs of rotting as they will cause nearby sets to start to rot.

Not really sure how long they would last but I normally keep them for 5 to 6 months like this and have very few that don't keep. Got some now that I am intending to plant in September.

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