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hurray! i've got babies!

happy days!
i have a few cm of shoot on 3 pots of my onions, little 3leafed heads on my radish but nothing from the carrots, yet.
Going to pick my potatoes tomorrow and get them sprouting. Hopefully plant out some peas and sweet peas too.

let the growing begin!

well, i've potted up 6 onions in pots, 2 lots of radish in plastic take-away tubs and i'm giving carrots a go in 1lt pop bottles. I've cut the tops off to fill them and then put them back on again to hopefull stop the carrot fly!
got them all in a sunny spot on the wood pile at the mo, so see how they get on.

getting started

been getting my hoard of containers together today, cleaning them down and putting them into piles of simalar sizes.
Gotta decide what veg are going in to what and put the slabs into place on the little plot i've salvaged in the garden.
oooo i can't wait!

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