Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our frequently asked questions and by all means contact us if there are any questions you would like us to answer or you would like to give feedback.

What's the motivation for the site?

Just to get veg enthusiasts together, share experiences, learn a bit. Its basically a bit of fun - there's no company behind the site, it is developed for free, its a hobby, a labour of love, something to do in winter while the mrs watches soaps!

Why should I register?

You don't have to. We try to make it possible to use as much of the web site as we can without being logged in. To save any comments or pictures we have someone to save them against. We take as little information as possible and would not share any of the details you entered with anyone, ever!

Are my details safe?

Yes, we have done all we can to ensure they're safe. We will never pass details on to anyone and we store no personal data.

I have a request for the website

We welcome all feedback and requests, contact us by emailing We can't promise we'll act on every request but will do our best.

Can I use your images and/or articles?

You can do what you like with them as long as its for your own personal use at home. If you want to use them on another website or in print then you must please ask us for permission. The images for the articles came from

Is this it or is there more to come?

Definately more to come, we've got loads of ideas for the site and articles to write. All features of the site will be free and easy to use. Let us know what you really want. While your at it tell us what you don't like and needs improving.

You've not got every veg and every variety and every growing calendar.

Not yet! Web site has only been live since April 2012 and we've got day jobs and young children. Feel free to help us get there quicker.

Is there an App?

No. Haven't bought a book on how to write phone apps yet! Let us know if you badly want one and I'll get on amazon.

Can I write an article for the site.

By all means, send articles and supporting photos to We do reserve the right to amend the content and choose the layout. Please only send new previously unpublished material that is your own work.

Can I get more involved?

Glad you asked! What we'd really like is vegdorks from the far flung corners of the globe (anywhere outside UK!) to join the gang. Contact us at if you'd be willing and able to share your knowledge of when to grow what in your region/country.