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Soil facts and preparation

Quick facts..

  • Soil Type Fertile and Well Drained
  • Ideal Ph range 6.0 to 7.5
  • Site Full Sun
Brussels spouts are a Brassica so do not sow or plant where Brassicas have been grown in the previous two seasons. Pick a sunny site, they will tolerate a little shade but will mature more slowly. Acid soils encourage club root so you may need to add lime to increase the pH of your soil

Make sure your soil has plenty of moisture retaining organic matter, dig in some well rotted manure or compost several months before sowing and planting.

Give your soil an extra boost by raking in some general purpose fertilizer a week or two before sowing or planting.

Sowing and planting

Quick facts..

  • Germination 5 to 8 days
  • Sow 10mm deep
  • Sow Spacing 25mm
  • Rows 500mm apart
There are 3 options for raising Brussels sprouts, sow direct, sow in seed beds and transplant or sow in pots and transplant.

If sowing in a seed bed, sow seed thinly 1cm deep in rows 15cm apart. If sowing direct, sow seed thinly 1cm deep in rows 50cm apart. Thin to an eventual spacing of 45cm.

Transplant to their final position when plants are 10cm to 15cm tall.

Growing a bumper crop

Keep weed free and water well to keep an even level of moisture in the soil. Brussels sprouts have a shallow root system so do not use a hoe to remove weeds as this is likely to damage roots near the soil surface.

Mulch around the base of the plants to conserve moisture and suppress weeds. As the plants get taller provide support so they are not blown over in strong winds.

Harvesting the fruits of your labour

Quick facts..

  • Yield 1300g per plant
Harvest from the bottom of the stalk upwards as the sprouts reach approximately 3cm to 4cm. Cut the Brussels off with a sharp knife. Remember don't overcook!

Your comments and photos

Brussels Sprouts varieties


Breeze is a very reliable and heavy cropping variety of Brussels sprout that has good resistance to disease and pests. It forms good sized sprouts that are deep green and dense with a sweet flavor. The plant grows up to a meter tall and is winter hardy. A good variety for those new to growing Brussels sprouts for the first time.