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More Carrot varieties

Amsterdam Forcing

One of, if not the earliest variety of carrot. Sweet flavored finger shaped carrots with blunt ends. Excellent variety for freezing.

Autumn King

Long uniform roots that taper to a point. Good flavored variety of carrot that will survive in the ground well after first frosts. Stores well.


Attractive deep orange color with blunt ended roots. Requires deep sandy soil to reach its potential length of 25cm. Uniformly cylindrical with good texture.


Bred specifically to deter carrot fly, this variety of carrot has become very popular. A strain of the Autumn King variety with sweet roots.


Reliable early variety , medium sized with blunt ended roots. This variety has smooth skin and near cylindrical roots. Sweet and mild in flavour, they don't have to be peeled as long as they are washed well.


The Napoli variety of carrot can be sown very early and is a F1 hybrid that is ready to harvest 50 - 60 days after sowing. While strictly an early variety it can be grown as a main or late crop. The roots are cylindrical, slightly tapered and grow to 20 cm in length. They are known for their consistency, very fine color inside and out and their flavor. Incredibly sweet and often referred to as a 'sugar or candy carrot', the sweetness is enhanced by cold weather late in the season. Looks good displayed as a bunch of carrots with bright orange roots and deep green foliage.

Purple Dragon

Purple Dragon is an old heirloom variety of carrot that is purple on the outside but has the typical carrot orange core. It is thought to have been first cultivated in Afganistan, the ancestral home of the carrot, where once all carrots were purple! Not just grown for its novelty, the purple colour comes from a compound called anthocyanin which is said to be a source of antioxidants with all the implied health benefits. The purple colour will fade a little when coooking so if grown for the colour alone, this variety is best eaten raw. Grow at slighter greater spacings than other varieties, the purple dragon variety, in particular, likes to have plenty of room and will not prosper if there is competion from neighbours or weeds. Roots are long and taper to the tap root, the flesh is crisp and has a sweet flavour with a faint hint of spice.

Red Samurai

Red Samurai is an F1 variety of carrot and as its name may suggests was developed in Japan, though is likely to have originated in Afghanistan. It has distinctive red skin and crisp pink flesh, the colour holds best when steamed. Roots are long and thin and taper to a point, in good well drained soil this variety will grow to 30cm. A second early main crop that will grow to maturity in just over 10 weeks and will tolerate freezing conditions. A reliable variety that requires little effort to grow and will certainly add colour and interest to oriental dishes, not to mention sweetness and crunch.


Yellowstone carrots are bright yellow with long smooth skinned roots. This is a relatively easy variety of carrot to grow, with reliably long, uniform tapered roots that will do well in most soils. Unlike other yellow varieties that can appear bland compared to orange varieties, Yellowstone has a good sweet flavor and holds its color when cooked. Yellowstone is a main to late season F1 hybrid variety. Roots will grow to approximately 18cm in length. Yellowstone seed is often included in packets of rainbow carrot seed mix.