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Plant outside
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Soil facts and preparation

Quick facts..

  • Soil Type
  • Ideal Ph range 6.0 to 7.0
  • Site Full Sun
Celeriac prefers soil high in organic matter with plenty of moisture. In fact Celeriac will grow and is often commercially grown in waterlogged soil.

Celeriac will tolerate partial shade but will mature slower. Dig in lots of manure or fresh compost to your chosen site.

Sowing and planting

Quick facts..

  • Germination 14 to 21 days
  • Sow 5mm deep
  • Sow Spacing 10mm
  • Rows 400mm apart
Germination rates for Celeriac seed are poor compared to other veg, if you get half your seed to germinate you will have done well.

Sow with fresh seed and cover with a dusting of compost or vermiculite.

For best results sow 5 or 6 seeds in peat pots filled with compost and remove all but the strongest seedling. Using a peat pot will minimise disruption to the plant and its roots in particular when transplanting. Keep the soil and the peat moist at all times.

Harden off and plant out when average temperatures reach 18C. Make sure you do not plant deeper when transplanting, make sure the level of the soil in the ground is level with the soil in the pot. Burying the crown of the plant will hinder root development.

Growing a bumper crop

The most important factor for celeriac is an abundance of moisture, do not let the soil dry out. Soak the soil regularly in periods of dry weather. Keep free from competition from weeds. Mulching will help retain moisture and suppress weeds.

As the root grows remove the outer leaves when the stalks fall horizontal and remove any side shoots.

Harvesting the fruits of your labour

Quick facts..

  • Yield 1100g per plant
Harvest as required through autumn and winter. Harvested celeriac will keep for 3 to 4 months if prevented from drying out. Alternatively cut in to cubes, place into a plastic bag and freeze.

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Celeriac varieties


This celeriac variety is resistant to bolting and disease. Produces large good shaped swollen stems with aromatic crisp white flesh and light skin. Good variety for early cultivation with protection from fleece or plastic. Prinz has been awarded the Royal Horticultuaral Society (RHS) Garden Merit.