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More Tomato varieties

Ailsa Craig

Popular for many years this very tasty variety produces classic looking tomatoes of uniform size and shape. Trusses bear heavy crops of disease resistant fruits. Suitable for growing indoors or outside.

Big Boy

As its name suggests this is a big one. Large, smooth round fruits great for slicing. This is the variety for the barbeque! Needs plenty of time to grow to full size so sow early and feed well.

Cuban Black

Tasty black tomato variety, fruits are slightly flattened on the top and are typically smaller than most other beefsteak varieties. Treat as Indeterminate/cordon tomato plant and train single stem up cane or steak, for best results, remove sucker shoots and pinch out the growing tip when 4 trusses have formed. As with all beefsteak tomato varieties, a longer growing period is required as well as regular feeding.

Gardeners Delight

Medium to small sized fruits with great flavour. A reliable variety that produces heavily laden trusses

Money Maker

Popular traditional variety, heavy cropping medium sized fruits. A reliable cordon variety with good resistance to blossom end rot.

Red Alert

Bush variety of with small fruits that are quick to mature. Can be grown outside in most temperate climates as well as in the green house.


Tigerella tomatoes are an heirloom variety originating in England. When they have ripened they are red with yellow or light green stripes. This variety should not just be thought of as a novelty, Tigerella is actually a high yielding variety with great flavor. Fruits grow to approximately 5 cm in diameter and the flesh is dense and firm, making it a great tomato for slicing. Tigerella is an indeterminate variety (rather than bush) which means it needs to be grown up a cordon or steak. Pinch out the growing tip of the plant when 4 or 5 trusses have formed. Ideally suited for growing in a green house in cooler climates, if growing outside let leave just 3 trusses. Early to mature with a long cropping period and particularly disease resistant, Tigerella is a great all-rounder and with the added bonus of its striking appearance. One thing to note is that the colors and size of this variety tend to vary in different parts of the world.

Tumbling Tom

Great bush variety with small sweet fruits. Tumbling toms are great for growing in containers and look particularly good in hanging baskets. Smaller cherry varieties need less growing time so can be sown later than medium and large varieties.